February 24, 2017
February 24, 2017
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ACSF returns to the stage with Spirit of Brazil 2017 – Quebrando Fronteiras (Breaking Borders)

Mark Your Calendars!

Spirit of Brazil 2017 – Quebrando Fronteiras (Breaking Borders)


* Early Bird Tickets $12.50 on sale March 1-31 only!


Master Percussion classes with Instrutora Betinha from Brazilia, Brazil  Saturday, May 29th, 10:15 to 11:30; and Monday 6:00 to 7:00pm.

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Spirit of Brazil ‘17 brings the artistic splendor of Brazil to San Francisco—presenting some of the world’s best folk traditions and artists.

Artistic Director, Márcia Treidler will premiere new, innovative choreography derived from a fusion of contemporary and traditional Brazilian music, dance and capoeira. The art works presented, born out of a resistance to oppression and now internationally practiced, remind us of the power of resistance—a message relevant today. Presented by an international cast, the dynamic acrobatic and athletic movements, history and tradition, and heart-thumping rhythms will leave you inspired!

Notably, the festival features prominent female artists, making it possibly our most impactful festival to date. Capoeira and Brazilian percussion have historically been dominated by male talent. Spirit of Brazil ‘17 features, and is produced, directed and choreographed by female master artists.

Spirit of Brazil ‘17 brings to light contributions women made throughout the development of these arts, while also accentuating the music of capoeira—the only martial art practiced to live music—and how capoeira, maculelê, and samba are linked by common musical rhythms. More in Spirit of Brazil ’17  will be presented in partnership with the SF International Arts Festival.

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