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January 19, 2018
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With support from the Department of Children Youth and Families and Grants for the Arts, we recently had the interior of our main studio and office repainted. We have been in this building for sixteen awesome years, and it was time. In addition to painting the work included repairing cracked and deteriorating walls and minor repairs to the stairwell. We hope you all are as happy with the results as we are!
The building landlords also have decided to repaint the exterior of the building. A fresh new look to the exterior is welcomed, but we are very sad to see our AMAZING mural, created by the famous graffiti artists from Brazil, Os Gemos be painted over. In 2003, we were very lucky, thanks to a partnership with the 509 Cultural Center, to have had Os Gemos come to SF and spend time with ACSF painting our building and the murals you see inside our space. At that time they were just getting started with work outside of Brazil. Now, Os Gemos are in high-demand sharing their incredible talent through large-scale graffiti projects throughout the world.
The Os Gemeos capoeira mural graced our street for fifteen years and was enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of eyes. No doubt it will be missed.
To learn more about the work of the Os Gemos brothers visit: