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September 18, 2017
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In August, a contingent of nearly twenty ACSF students led by Mestra Márcia Cigarra traveled to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to participate in the international festival and competition hosted by ABADÁ-Capoeira President Founder, Mestre Camisa.

The event gathered more than 4,000 ABADÁ capoeiristas from 30 countries to participate in workshops, seminars, the Jogos Mundiais international capoeira competition, as well as witness the formatura of new Mestres and Mestrandos of ABADÁ-Capoeira.

ACSF was honored to send Antony Melendez “Maracujá”, an extremely dedicated ACSF teen student, to attend the Jogos Mundiais 2017. This was possible thanks to the ACSF Brazil Teens Fund Scholarship.

A note from Maracujá about his trip to Brazil with the ACSF Brazil Study Trip!

My trip to Brazil was so amazing! It was my first time there. I was nervous at first, but once I got to know everyone it was better. My favorite part about the trip was going to the beach. My capoeira got so much better, and I learned a lot of moves that I’m excited about. I also learned a lot of Portuguese too. It was really fun to be there. I had the best experience I could imagine, especially because Mestra Márcia was part of it. So, I’m really thankful and I hope I can go back there again!
–Antony Melendez “Maracujá”