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  • MARÍA TERESA HERNÁNDEZ, Board Chair, Research Program Manager Environmental Health Sciences, UC Berkeley, School of Public Health
  • MÁRCIA TREIDLER “MESTRA CIGARRA, President & Artistic Director, ABADÁ-Capoeira SF
  • JENNIFER WALSH, Secretary and Treasurer, Executive director, ABADÁ-Capoeira SF
  • SARA BRESELOR, Writer and Editor
  • ANTONIO CONTRERAS, Fashion Film Maker & Visual Artist;
    Youth Capoeira Instructor, ABADÁ-Capoeira SF
  • RHODORA DERPO, Associate Attorney at Becker & Lee LLP
  • MICHAEL FRIEDMAN, Senior Project Geologist at Engineer/Remediation Resources Group, Inc.
  • GLORIA LIN, Tech Product Leader, stripe, Inc.
  • MICHELLE SIELING, Associate Vice President at Finn Partners now including Horn
  • IAN MCLACHLAN, Staff Physician at Kaiser Permanente
  • JANE STAFFORD, Healthcare Consultant


  • Márcia Treidler (Mestra Cigarra), Artistic Director
  • Jennifer Walsh (Instrutora Sereia), Executive Director
  • Zak Douglas, Administrative Assistant
  • Sonia Peyroton, Website Management & Graphics Consultant
  • Alex Castillo, Front Desk Reception
  • Mayela Carasco, Front Desk Reception
  • Efrain Chavez, Front Desk Reception
  • Alazan Flores,  Front Desk Reception
  • Stu Sofield, Bookkeeper
  • Michelle Sieling, Voluntary Publicist